Other LCCs in Boston Area

Since I am your LCC and the one who will help you if you have any problems or concerns, you need to come to my meetings on a regularly basis. If you cannot make it to my au pair meeting, you should get in touch with one of the other LCCs to see if you can attend theirs. Remember, you can only miss two out of twelve meetings in order to remain in good standing with the au pair program.

Marta Minnetyan (Cambridge): marta.minnetyan@lcc.culturalcare.com, 617-877-1902, www.mminnetyan.aupairnews.com
Lisa Flessel (Belmont): lisa.flessel@lcc.culturalcare.com, 781-538-6700, www.lflessel.aupairnews.com

Julia Sappenfield (Newton): julia.sappenfield@lcc.culturalcare.com, 617-527-320, www.jsappenfield.aupairnews.com

Ryan Levesque (Needham): ryanandkatalin.levesque@lcc.culturalcare.com, 781-400-5451, www.rlevesque.aupairnews.com

Katrina Ohl: katrina.ohl@lcc.culturalcare.com, 781-259-3109, www.kohl.aupairnews.com

Linda Maslin (Wellesley): linda.maslin@lcc.culturalcare.com, 781-237-7262

Joanne Dooley (North Shore): joanne.dooley@lcc.culturalcare.com, 978-927-7773, www.jdooley.aupairnews.com

Judy Robinson (Boston): judy.robinson@lcc.culturalcare.com, 617 633 6262, www.jrobinson.aupairnews.com

Sharon Litchfield: sharon.litchfield@lcc.culturalcare.com, www.slitchfield.aupairnews.com

Wednesday, 29 February 2012 6:04 PM


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